Dr. Ally has shared her mental health wisdom across Canada, USA, and globally. She has delivered her academic presentations and chats both in person and virtually. Dr. Ally presents on a wide range of topics within the mental health realm using up to date evidence, humor, and solutions to complex mental health and wellness issues. Below are examples and a list of topics Dr. Ally has presented on.

Transnational Education: Surviving COVID-19 - A Lived Experience

After surviving CoVid-19, and losing a family member to the disease, Dr. Ally delivered a raw experience to students, faculty, and administrators in Los Angeles, USA, and Chandigarh, India in June 2020 and July 2020.

Chitkara University brings Global Education to its Students

Chitkara University brought 'a world of infinite possibilities' to its students by hosting Global Week, from October 14-18, 2019, for a one-of-a-kind global engagement event and celebration of diversity through cross-cultural exchange and knowledge transfer . Over 55 distinguished Guest Professors representing about 39 prestigious Partner Universities from 22 countries, were a part of the event to make it a roaring success.

Why Millennials Are Having Trouble With Finances | Dr Shara Ally, Founder and CEO of NEUROorganics

What is the psychological trend for millennials when it comes to their relationship with their finances? In this interview we identify the four pillars of contention that affect our decision-making with personal finances including the effects of the pandemic on the economy. Join Dr. Ally and Paul as they discuss Dr. Ally's journey of learning the approach of eastern medicine and it's benefits to mental health and wellness through personal strengths and igniting personal resiliency for long term mental health benefits. Dr. Ally founded NEUROorganics Inc. through her lived experiences, academic and professional opportunities. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NEUROorganics Inc. We walk through examples of millennials and their relationships with finances, effects of being impulsive vs patience, and how this affects choices with investment properties. Followed up with advice on how to cope with stress of the unknown when preparing for a mortgage.


EHealth Radio Network, How to Mitigate Post Traumatic Stress from Current Events Happening in the World: In January 2021, Dr. Ally was a guest on the EHealth Radio Network chatting about managing current world events and ways to mitigate stress.

Rogers TV, Diverse & Converse: Mental Health: Hosts Aleia Ally and community producer Kween discuss the mental health challenges facing the black, indigenous and people of colour communities with activist Siyobin Blanco and Dr. Shara Ally, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the mental health company NEUROorganics Inc.

Cross Pollination of Mental Health Across Different Areas of Care: In October 2020, Dr. Ally provided a virtual presentation of nurses in Los Angeles regarding how to manage their personal mental health during these unprecedented times. Symptoms of burnout, interventions, and resources were discussed, as well as the benefits of accepting being okay with not being okay. Resiliency self confidence, and self esteem were also discussed as these are intangible elements that needed exposure on the nurse's inner strength to continue to care for clients, their families, and themselves.  

Single in the City: Dr. Ally facilitated an online chat in May 2020 during CoVid-19 to chat about the pros and cons of being single in the city with young men and women. The main area of focus was self love, and how being single can make you feel empowered and inferior at the same time. 

International Budget: In October 2019 in Dubai, UAE, Dr. Ally chatted with international immigrants longing to migrate to Dubai, but still travel the world. Dr. Ally offered insight into how to manage an international travel budget while staying afloat at home.

Getting Ready To See Your Ex: Have that ex that won't stop contacting you? Dr. Ally delivered an inspiring chat about this to young males and females in September 2019 in Toronto, CA. Dr. Ally made it a point to discuss the grey matter in these situations, and loving yourself will get you out! 

Reach for The Balls? Dr. Ally provided a virtual chat to young females who aspire for love with a male and use sex to get there, only to discover after the night is over, he is over with you. Self-awareness, esteem and confidence were topics of discussion in August, 2019.

Chat With The President: In Oshawa, CA, Dr. Ally met with the President of RNAO to chat about the future of nursing in May 2019 during nursing week. Since then, Dr. Ally has become an active and creative member of the RNAO. #nursesrock

Bell Let's Talk: As an avid advocate for mental health and addiction treatment, Dr. Ally chatted about psychotherapy interventions best used with clients diagnosed with personality disorders during #bellletstalk month in Toronto, CA, in Jan. 2019.

Love Yourself: In December 2018, Dr. Ally delivered a seminar to adults who were single and celebrating the holidays in Toronto, CA. During this particular chat, vulnerability was the main focus, as many of the audience members were successful, but lonely in their relationships with themselves. 

Fear of Flyin': Dr. Ally met with her mentees at McMaster University in Hamilton, CA, in November 2018 to chat about falling into fear and surviving the fall. We chatted about the benefits of failing and the resiliency that can be built from simply flyin.'

Working With Traumatized Clients, What's Your Risk: In July 2018, Dr. Ally was asked to be speaker at the World Congress of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Ally discussed the importance of identifying symptoms of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and symptoms of distress. Dr. Ally offered aftercare solutions to maximize your mental health, while working with or caring for someone diagnosed with a mental health ailment. 

Fair Skin Bon Bons: In July 2018, Dr. Ally was invited to a networking event in Toronto, CA, to chat about what is eye candy? Dr. Ally's chat focused in on the battle that persons of darker hues can go through, even when their personalities, make-up, and overall attitude that are desirable. Dr. Ally dove deeper into how hue rejection alters your self love, influencing the relationship with yourself. 

New Bod' New Tude': In June 2018, Dr. Ally was invited to a women's club in Spain, EU. The women spoke about the ups and downs of being a woman in a man's world. Dr. Ally provided insight into the pros and cons of going from large to a small in her own experience and the mental health impact that remains silent, until no longer is.  

I Plead The Fifth: In May 2018, Dr. Ally provided a special 1:1 chat with men who rank in the 1% financially in Toronto, CA, and are constantly cheating on their partners. Unfolding life's trauma, and imposter syndrome symptoms created an open-ended dialogue to be honest with oneself - a step closer to actually getting to know who you are, off paper. 

Dust to Side Chicks: Been a side chick before? In April 2018 Dr. Ally met with adult women who have been or continue to be side chicks in Toronto, CA. Fact of the matter is, loneliness feels worst than partial "love." Through this chat, we uncovered past traumas that have led these women to make decisions that have led them into the arms of a married man...and why it's so damn hard to leave. 

Caring for Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: In June 2018, Dr. Ally delivered a presentation in Italy and Ireland to a group of academics and physicians regarding how to provide care for persons living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The presentation was based off of her publications in the Family Physicians Journal: Primary care of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities 2018 Canadian consensus guidelines ( and Primary care of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (

Dating, Sex, and No Relationship. Smile: Dr. Ally delivered a workshop to families of different cultural backgrounds in Toronto, CA, in March 2016 to discuss the importance of not settling in a relationship just because their son or daughter had been in a relationship for years, or has been intimate with the person. Taking time to find the right person will be a key determining factor in the path for which your life will take. 

Be Mindful, Sure. Be Smart, Yes: In January 2016, Dr. Ally met with aspiring health science students to discover what their goals in life were. Outside of being mindful of their education goals, there were no life goals developed for the long-run. The focus of our chat was around what else can you find outside of academics that won't cost you a pretty penny?