Of our five senses, the first sense that makes a judgement is our sight. Many people are unhappy with what they look like, which negatively impacts their NEUROmind, and positions them in unsafe or incompatible NEUROsex relationships. Literature shows people who are confident with what they look like outperform those who doubt their physical appearance. NEUROphysique focuses on physique self acceptance and offers an action plan on how to optimize the way someone thinks about their appearance. NEUROphysique is designed to help guide you through the process of accepting the way you were born, while finding solutions that will increase your self-esteem and confidence. Together we will work on how you make choices about your physical health so that you are happy with who you are and what you look like, without breaching your values, vision, and purpose in life. This is pivotal to personal self-esteem and confidence, which impacts productivity and confidence the workplace.


NEUROphysique is designed to help you to improve your relationship with your physique as it is the first step of accepting who you are. Without this, your NEUROmind, NEUROsex, and NEUROfiance  relationships will be compromised.

Recovering From Physical Trauma

Recover from past or current unwanted physical force and traumatic symptoms.

Building Physique Resiliency 

Recover from bullying, mistreating your body when under stress, and taking steps toward feeling good in the skin you are in, even when your mood shifts. 

Managing Physique Depression

Readily identify when your mood is low and how you treat your body as it relates to change in hygiene, appetite, sleep, and activities of daily living. 

Restore Physique Health Confidence

Habits, plan of care, and taboo topics such as aesthetic medicine is explored to reach your goals.

Managing Physique Anxiety

Readily identify when you are anxious and how you treat your body as it relates to change in hygiene, appetite, sleep, and activities of daily living. 

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