The term sex in this case does not just mean intercourse, rather NEUROsex takes a look into why you surround yourself with certain people in your life. This includes romantic relations, friendships, and relationships with your family, employer, and acquaintances. NEUROsex looks at what makes you the common denominator in these relationships, why you find yourself in a negative cycle, and helps you to re-shape the way in which you choose to attach to people. This is an important part of your journey to discover, because somewhere along the line, you have been taught you deserve less in particular relationships, therefore giving the other person the power to choose and determine the outcome (e.g., break up). Poorly developed relationships will negatively impact your NEUROmind health. It will take you for a joy ride you never asked to be on. You will move so far from self-love and confidence, that you will lose your organic sense of self. This will disrupt your ability to perform at work, establish a healthy personal lifestyle, motivation, goal setting skills, and overall perspective in life. Main areas of focus include gender orientation, sexual orientation, managing conflict, creating healthy boundaries, and learning how to work with others under pressure.


NEUROsex is designed to help you build better friendships, collegial working relationships, and intimate relationships by learning from failed past relationships, building boundaries for yourself, and understanding areas you are willing to compromise on in your relationships based on your values. Without this, your NEUROmind, and NEUROphysique, and NEUROfinance relationships will be compromised.   

Recovering From Relational/Sexual Trauma

Recover from previous unwanted or challenging friendships, working relationships, and intimate relationships. Recover from past sexual trauma symptoms.

Understanding Your Needs in Relationships

Unfolding your values will determine what you can give and receive in relationships with friends, co-workers and intimate partners.

Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Beginning to understand your personal values in order to build healthy boundaries between you and others for sustainable relationships.

Building Resiliency 

Creating a safe internal environment within yourself to bounce back and remain safe in relationships.

Managing Challenging Relationships

Unfolding what creates challenges for you in relationships, conflict resolutions, and creating solutions to help you navigate or exit the relationship. 

How To Not Lose Yourself in Relationships

Building independence, self-esteem, and confidence to reduce dependencies on others, and building capabilities to leave relationships that are no longer good for you.

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