Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls. But Why The Hell Not?

Updated: Jan 6

TLC taught us not to chase waterfalls to protect us from negative experiences in life. While this is helpful guidance, aren't mistakes, mishaps , and stepping out of your comfort zone what makes life worth living? Isn't it what teaches us how to be resilient, people we should no longer associate with, and develop new and healthier habits? The key here is to be strategic with the risks you are willing to take. In each situation in your life, you need to ask yourself tough questions: Am I willing to compromise this relationship? Should I stay at this job? Is it worth buying these new pair of shoes worth $500? Is it worth speaking up? An even more important question is, what does this decision mean about my character? Taking risks is a beautiful thing in life, and is a true demonstration of one's character and values we all hold. Based on this, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and chase waterfalls, but do it thoughtfully so that you are positively serving yourself with self love and caring for others with carefully placed boundaries, meaningful interactions, and a true representation of your character. #selfcareishealthcare and #DrAlly and #neuroorganics recognizes your worth, inside and out.

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