Make It Rain or Make It Habit?

Updated: Jan 6

Financial Choices

All of your financial choices began when you were born. First, your guardians introduced you into the financial habits you subconsciously adopted. Next, you experience something in your life that consists of change such as loss, new job, or had a meaningful conversation. Based on these experiences of change, you either continue to apply the financial habits you were raised with, or you begin to tweak them.

Eventually, you either find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

  1. Making it rain, and living paycheck to paycheck. This can lead to poor confidence in yourself, the need to impress people, and living a superficial life that you probably can't afford (at least comfortably). You may be the life of the party at night, but wake up in the morning with anxiety.

  2. Making it habit, which means you have excellent financial habits, however you have limited life experiences. This can lead to negative self-talk and esteem as you cannot relate to peers, you develop a narrow view of the world, and may be referred to as cheap or boring.

  3. Making it rain AND habit. This means you are a rare gem of striking a balance between the two! This is where you want to be. This means you have achieved healthy financial habits, without missing out on life.

What is the solution?

Financial habits is like a sport. It requires consistency and re-conditioning of what you've learned, while baking in your personal financial goals into practice. To achieve Making it rain and habit you need to begin with strengthening your #NEUROmind health first. There are reasons why you make the choices you do with your finances. Aligned with this step, you will be able to unfold your fears associated with your financial habits. Without accepting and are willing to step into these fears, you will not be able to successfully achieve the Making it rain and habit step in life.

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