Self Sabotage, Get the F**K Outta My Life [Case Study]

Updated: Jan 6

My client in her mid 30s' approached me and said: I'm a Loser. I'm Lame. I Can't. I'm not good enough. I'm so dumb. I'm not pretty enough. I'm not the right skin color. I'm not tall enough. I'm not toned enough. This is my mother's fault. Do you find yourself saying these statements to yourself? How often? By the way, saying it once, is way too many times.

My client asked me, Shara, why do I think these things!? Somewhere in your journey in life, someone taught you to think this way about yourself. Examples of this could be parents who did not celebrate your successes, made you feel less than when you made mistakes, or negatively spoke about things that are important to you. While this person did not actually call you a loser, lame, ugly, or fat, their negative messaging and approaches were so strong, that YOU actually developed the negative self talk in response to their thoughts about you.

The reality of it is this: More than likely, whoever made you feel this way was probably treated the exact same way, and may not even notice the impact they are having on you. It's called a cycle. Monkey see, monkey do. Now that you are an adult, you are responsible for returning to self-love. Self love means stop self-sabotaging. Your overall health will benefit from this.

Together with my client, I coached her into improved self perception, which increased her confidence. The absence of self-love can be so devastating - I strongly encourage you to not become a victim of this!

#DrAlly and #neuroorganics has designed education & coaching services to help you achieve self love because #selfcareishealthcare

Morale of the story? Replace self-sabotage with self love with improvement of your #NEUROmind Health. Become the boss of your brain!

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