Strawberry Cocktails

What makes strawberries unique? Strawberries are actually not a berry! It is an accessory fruit. This means the strawberry's genetics are not born out of the floral ovary, rather out of the fruit's adjacent tissue outside of the ovary. This means that their bodily origins are different from other berries, but is this a negative?

Strawberry Body Woes

You are like a strawberry. Your genetics make you look different compared to your parents, siblings, and extended family. As a result, you may be coined as too fat, too skinny, too dark, too short, "weird" body shape, and so on. As a result of this messaging, you had to work double-time to learn how to accept and love yourself. In comparison, you may have been perceived to be a star in these areas, which can also be stressful to attain perfectionism and you did not develop depth in other areas of your life.

2 Steps To Loving Your Genetics

  1. Recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which needs to start with you. Only when you accept yourself, will your self confidence boost, which will allow you to accept compliments on what you look like. If you do not accept compliments from others, it means you actually haven't achieved this step.

  2. If there are areas you would like to tweak, begin to explore your options. Does this include the gym, nutrition changes, Botox, or filler? Integrating these items into your life can help you to achieve self-love, but make sure you are doing these things for yourself, based on built confidence from step 1!

Like strawberries, our genetic make-up is unique. Take steps to loving the origin of your body genetics today!

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