NEUROorganics is dedicated to the structural integrity of your health and wellness through motivational education and therapeutic coaching techniques to maximize your self-care.


NEUROorganics is committed to delivering compassionate care by meeting you where you are at in your journey of self-care through empathy, active listening, and aligning your goals with your values.


NEUROorganics is a platform that allows freedom of speech, while maintaining respect and dignity for others who are similar or different from them.


NEUROorganics is committed to meeting you where you are at in your self-care journey through authentic chats and learning tools used during each education and therapeutic coaching sessions.  


NEUROorganics is committed to diversity and we use an inclusive definition of all persons. We welcome the participation of all persons age 18 years old and older. We welcome persons from all walks of life, which include but not limited to Indigenous persons, LBGTQ community, all races, religions, and cultures.

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