NEUROorganics launched in 2020 as Canadian based company, offering global Mental Health Services through personalized digital care solutions to maximize your mental health and wellness. NEUROorganics is based on what you organically need for sustainable mental health and wellness. Your mental health ranges from surviving to thriving based on the strength of four key NEUROrelationships in your life: Your relationship with yourself, Your relationship with you have with others, Your relationship with your physique, Your relationship with finances

NEUROorganics is based on consistent patterns seen in humans: the state of someone’s mental health shifts depending on each of their NEUROrelationships, and the need to understand and navigate the interdependencies of each of them. The development of this revolutionary mental health platform was further inspired by the Dalai Lama, whom the founder, Shara Ally met with in India, in 2019. His teachings are threaded throughout the care NEUROorganics offers you, which fuses eastern and western mental health care to build your resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem, and productivity. This unique fusion will inspire you to change behavior and thought processes that will allow you to thrive during challenging times and truly immerse yourself in the celebrated times in your life, allowing you to sustain your mental health and wellness, because Self Care is Health Care.

NEUROorganics is a Mental Health Service designed for young adults, adults, and employers looking to support their employees with personalized mental health solutions. To date, NEUROorganics has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, the Washington Psychiatry Society and other major platforms for the revolutionary Mental Health Services you can access.

Personalized Digital Coaching and Consulting Services



Phase 1
  • Assess for challenging events that has created the client's reality

  • Assess for specific goals the the client would like to improve in their personal and professional lives, however their trauma is holding them back

  • Understand key themes and patterns that causes the most distress for a client,  because it contributes to the decisions a person makes in their NEUROrelationships 

Phase 2 
Cope Through 
  • Establish the client's access to resources and motivation to create change in their thought processes and behaviors in their NEUROrealtionships

  • Coaching the client to use specific coping skills to move forward from their past and into their future with goals outlined in phase 1

Phase 3 
Fused Therapeutic Coaching
  • After the client establishes coping skills, these will be practiced and applied through coaching when the client moves back and forth from managing challenging events from their past and taking steps into completing goals for their future

Phase 4
 Personal Reflection
  • Phase 4 allows clients to see their progress, celebrate their success and accept their challenges

  • The client will evaluate their NEUROrelationships and identify areas that have improved through changes in thoughts processes and behaviors 

  • Clients will be able to assess their progress with their goals, coping skills, and identify additional resources needed to sustain mental wellness


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