Mental Health Expert, Executive Leader, Public Speaker, Author, Educator

Dr. Ally is the founder of NEUROorganics, the revolutionary mental health digital service. From a young age, Dr. Ally knew she wanted to help people deepen and build the most important asset they have: their brain. Dr. Ally views the brain as the most important part of who we are as it is the controller of our input of perceptions, thoughts, and interpretations and output of behavior. In pursuit of helping people use their brains as an effective tool by managing personal mental health, Dr. Ally has spent the last decade of her career in becoming a well versed leader in mental health, finance management, physique maintenance, and sexual health.  Dr. Ally is double mastered in nursing and business, and earned her doctorate degree at Western University in California. Through her academic career, she has been honored with the numerous awards from Valedictorian to Leadership and Innovation accolades. Dr. Ally was fortunate to be selected for a Medical Fellowship in Chandigarh, India in 2019.  Through this experience, she was fortunate to meet and speak with the Dalai Lama. This is where she learned the most about the benefits of the eastern medicine approach to mental health. Together with the western and eastern approaches to care, Dr. Ally fused the two to understand the depths of how the conscious and subconscious minds develop habits, emotional maturity, motivation, responsibility, a non-victim mindset and choice making skills in the following areas of life: mind, physical, sex and financial health. Without this understanding, there is risk of never actually getting to know who you truly are, which disrespects the integrity of your self care. ​

NEUROorganics is designed as a Bespoke designed for people who are committed to a growth mindset, in their relationships with themselves, finances, compatibility and sexuality with others. She believes in your freedom from your woes and utilize pleasures to help you build resiliency and purpose in your life. The NEUROorganics Mental Health Suite will help individuals who are interested in developing and deepening their mental health skills, taking responsibility for themselves, and truly becoming the CEO of their lives. Let's start building your self care portfolio today because your Self Care is Health Care.

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