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Founded in 2020 by Shara Ally, NEUROorganics is a Canada-based revolutionary digital mental health company devoted to creating improved mental health and wellness experiences to fit the needs and lifestyles of its clients, globally. One-on-one virtual consultations and sessions provide clients with the convenience and attention they need to build mental wellness, resilience, and self-compassion. At NEUROorgnaics, we believe just as everyone has  physical health, you also have mental health, which requires wellness attention to avoid mental illness and thrive during challenges. NEUROorganics product and service offerings are inclusive to all persons, including LGBTQ, Indigenous Communities, persons from all races, sexual and gender orientations. Shara's original vision of championing mental wellness for all begins with providing clients with the best possible care to improve their experience within the healthcare system and allow the person to design the lifestyle they envision for themselves.


“NEUROorganics is built on an authentic foundation of genuinely caring for the individuals who we serve.” – Founder, Dr. Shara Ally