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"Dr. Ally has been a real pleasure to work with over the last several months. Her unique, inquisitive, and insightful approach has been a real game changer for my life. She uses various perspectives regarding attachment styles, emotional connectedness, and personal history to develop both a deep understanding and practical solutions for my struggles. The skills, suggestions and gentle reminders have been extremely helpful. Her intelligence, humour and generous support has truly allowed me to start taking the next much-needed steps in my life. I look forward to continuing to share, be vulnerable and be guided in the safe healing space that Dr. Ally has created. Thank you so much for your time and positive energy!" - ASK

"As the President of Guelph Black Heritage Society, I attended a talk hosted by Shara from NEUROorganics to chat about the work their team offers through their NEUROroyalty program. The insights offered to our audience provided a heightened awareness around the importance of improving mental wellness through understanding the importance of improving your relationships with yourself, others, physique, and finance.
The solutions found within these relationships to heal, added a layer of value to our community during Black Heritage Month as our community continues to face compromises in these relationships due to the trauma in our history. Shara provided ease of mind in understanding how we can regain our power by fueling pain from our past into something productive into our future and best steps toward finding freedom from social constraints, while honouring our ancestors. For this, GBHS thanks NEUROorganics and NEUROroyalty!" 
- Denise

"Speaking on behalf of the youth group at YouthTALK, Dr.Shara was absolutely amazing. YouthTALK is part of the Canadian Mental Health Association and consists of youth who are interested in mental health and making a positive difference. Dr. Shara came and spoke to us about NeuroORGANICS and her journey. It is rare to find such a vibrant and rare professional who can engage a group of 17 youths for an hour but Dr. Shara did it. The youth could not stop talking about how relatable she was. It was like speaking to a mentor who automatically had your best interest at heart. She talked about her background and what led her to NeuroORGANICS and was very vulnerable in her journey, reassuring us all that there is no such thing as a perfect path. I personally enjoyed her talk and would love to have her come speak to us again. I know many of the other youth agree as well as they are constantly asking for when she will come again." - Alisha

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