I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Shara Ally, and she had shared invaluable insights the drew upon her esteemed academic and professional career and lived experience. Shara effortlessly conveyed passion and practicality in highlighting the skills and mindsets that are supportive in navigating transitions. Shara highlighted an innovative approach and deep commitment to support the integrate self care within a meaningful and intentional way. Wishing Dr. Shara Ally and NeuroOrganics ongoing success.

The listening ear and expertise you need. That’s how I describe NEUROorganics to individuals seeking mental wellness. I was hesitant to move forward with care at first. I had several previous bad experiences, and wasn’t too sure about virtual health care and it’s effectiveness.However through reading their website and speaking with Dr. Ally, I could sense they had a different approach, so I decided to move forward. I’m so glad I did. Every session I felt seen, heard and respected. I learned new coping styles and lifestyle changes that would give me both an immediate sense of peace and relief, as well as long-term optimal health. highly recommend NEUROorganics’ approach to wellness and the life you desire and deserve!

I'd like to thank NEUROorganics and, more specifically, Dr. Ally for the incredible support I was provided overcoming some challenging moments in my personal and professional life in 2020. NEUROorganics staff were so kind and helpful, guiding me with life decisions that I needed to manage. The guidance was genuinely holistic, looking at my mind, body, and spirit. I am happy to report that I am continuing to use this new and affirmed knowledge to live my best life and be authentically ME! Thank you, Dr. Ally!